TerraForms Terrain

Attractive, durable, resin terrain scaled for 10mm tabletop wargames.

Welcome to TerraForms Terrain!

We are a group of lifelong gamers who want more from our games. We're tired of spending money assembling armies, spending time painting them up real nice, and then fighting our battles on ugly green sheets draped over tables with paper buildings and stacks of books for terrain! We want to have a wargames table that's as awesome to look at as our armies, and we don't want it to cost an arm and a leg. 

We want more, and we want to give you more.

OUR KICKSTARTER IS LIVE! Please click here to check us out, pledge for what you like, and thank you so much for your support!

This project is seeking to make a wide range of terrain available in 10mm-12mm scale, roughly N scale model railroad, or between 1/144 and 1/182 scale. These model and game scales are so close that our terrain can be suitably used for any of these sizes with no modification. If things go well with our Kickstarter we plan to expand into 6mm scale and 15mm scale as well!

Some games that our terrain would work well with include, but is not limited to, Heavy Gear: Blitz, Dropzone Commander, Planetfall, Horizon Wars (in 10 to 12mm), or Polyversal (in 10mm to 12mm).

All material , designs, and images copyright 2016 Terraforms Terrain unless otherwise specified.

Heavy Gear: Blitz is copyright Dreampod 9; Dropzone Commander is copyright Hawk Wargames; Planetfall is copyright Spartan Games; Horizon Wars is copyright Osprey Publishing; Polyversal is copyright Collins Epic Wargames;

Contact us at terraformsterrain@yahoo.com with any questions.