TerraForms Terrain

Attractive, durable, resin terrain for tabletop wargames. Check out our Kickstarter and pledge to help us make this a reality!

T minus 36 hours

Holy smokes, the response from the gaming community so far has been awesome!

Folks, I gotta say, we NEVER expected to get as big a response as we've seen so far AND THE KICKSTARTER ISN'T EVEN LIVE YET!!

We took some chances earlier in the process, we reached out to some folks in the wargames industry and received a very warm welcome by most of them. Those folks have helped us out more than we could have imagined, helping spread the word within the communities of their games. They have provided advice and tips on things from design to pricing and more, and it's been absolutely wonderful to have their help. We've even been getting contacted by various YouTube channel owners, podcast groups, and more, offering their help and offering product reviews once we get our first molds made and begin pulling casts.

Let's keep building the momentum, keep spreading the word to your friends and fellow gamers, keep sharing our posts and with your help we can smash the Kickstarter goals and get the stretch goals unlocked! The better we do, the more we can focus on getting prototypes completed and get molds pulled!

Thank you so much guys and girls of the gamer world!

The Kickstarter goes live at 8pm Central/9pm Eastern tomorrow, May 25. Spread the word, please drop us a 'like' on our Facebook page and set notifications to 'all' so you get the updates, and let's keep getting prepped to open this campaign with a bang!