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A shout out from Geeks of the North

We got a bit of a surprise today when we saw a notice on our Facebook page that we had been tagged by Geeks of the North.

We went over and checked them out, turns out they had seen some of our terrain advertised somewhere or other and were impressed enough to cover our Kickstarter on their podcast News of the North! We love how much they were impressed by the different lines of terrain, and the scope of what we were able to cover! They seemed really impressed with the modularity of our urban buildings, being able to stack floors to make them higher or shorter to get the building you want. They also really liked the realism provided by having things like police stations, restaurants, and our various factories and power supply stations.

Thanks so much for that Paul and Antoine, we can't tell you how much it helps out our little Kickstarter to have groups like yours being so pleased with what we're offering! Hopefully we can keep smashing through those stretch goals!

As far as stretch goals go we have unlocked several free items for our backers, at least one item for each package is unlocked. We're closing in pretty quickly on the $7,000 stretch goal. At $8,000 we'll have two pieces for each line unlocked, so keep spreading the word with friends and gaming groups, and let's keep knocking over stretch goals!

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