TerraForms Terrain

Attractive, durable, resin terrain for tabletop wargames. Check out our Kickstarter and pledge to help us make this a reality!

Wow, what a delay there!

We hadn't realized how long it's been since we posted an update on here!

For those of you who have been checking the page out recently, our deepest apologies! We've been keeping the Facebook page updated and throwing out the occasional pics as we move through this process. If you haven't yet, you should stop by and drop us a 'like'. That will guarantee you get the latest updates as things go along. It's so much easier to whip out our phones for a quick post than to have to come handle website maintenance... let's admit it, nobody likes website maintenance!

We've been busy casting and shipping, and we're proud to say that we're right at 50% of backer orders shipped at this point. If you haven't gotten your orders yet please have patience, I promise you we're working hard to get things cast up and sent out! Little delays along the way keep popping up and slowing things down, for example we had a mold tearout this past week on a rather fresh mold that shouldn't have failed; things like that slow us down, but they're not stopping us.

Those of you who have received your orders we eagerly await pics of our terrain on your tables during games! Feel free to post them to our wall on the Facebook page or message them to us if you prefer. You can also email pics or links to terraformsterrain@yahoo.com. Show us your setup!

We're going to be updating the gallery soon with some pics of the finished kits showing all the included pieces for each line, as well as some demo pieces that we've scraped up time to get painted up.

So have patience with our delays, enjoy the terrain if you've received it, and stop by the Facebook page for all the latest updates!